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Making friends is top of your to-do list when you start school and as a parent you worry about whether or not your precious little bundle will finish their first day of primary with new friends. When R came out of school and said he had a made a friend – let’s call her Tink – I was pleased. When he said he liked her ‘because she likes wrestling and tattoos’ I must admit I was already quite taken with her myself!

Fast forward a couple of years and they’re still good friends. In fact, our families are friends too! Last month, R and Tink, me and Tink’s dad drove over to Wigan to watch Grand Pro Wrestling together.

Grand pro wrestling

I’ve never watched wrestling before. Not in real life. Not on the telly. Maybe a little bit if you count trying to referee between the kids. This was a whole new experience for me and I had literally no idea what to expect.

As it goes, I had a really good time!

Basically – and I may not be entirely correct here but it’s what I took away with me – it’s like a stage show. A stage show with lots and lots of choreographed violence. The characters all have back stories, and the proper fans know who is a baddie and who is a goody. I wasn’t always sure so I just rooted for the one with the best outfit.

The wrestlers are fun to watch and the moves, sound and acting is great entertainment. Each aspect adds to the experience and the kids think it’s amazing!

The only problem I encountered was that the noise of the wrestling ring floor was so loud that R was a bit scared at first. Tink reassured him though and after a while he was fine. They even had their photograph taken in the ring with one of the wrestlers.

We all enjoyed ourselves – even R in the end!

Grand Pro Wrestling was great family-friendlyfun. It was quite amused by the ‘heckling’ from the crowd. There was some language though – at one point I heard someone jeering ‘you’re not very tall’ at one of the wrestlers. Now that’s just asking for trouble…

In all seriousness, it was a fun night, not expensive, totally family friendly, not overcrowded and just a bit of a laugh.

If you fancy attending the next Grand Pro Wrestling event, head over to their facebook page or website. The next one is actually tomorrow!


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