If ever I’ve coveted a festival from afar, it’s Just So.

Just So is a weekend long, family orientated, fun filled festival and the only arts camping festival in the UK dedicated solely to children and their families. Every time I read about it I wish we could go. I had every intention of taking the boys last year but when it came to it I realised that attending a festival at 8 months pregnant probably wasn’t a great idea.

This year is a different matter though! I am going to be going back to work full time soon, so we can’t fit in as much as we would like, festival-wise. That means we have to be choosy. So this year we are going back to The Good Life Experience and we are also off to Just So!


So what’s on at Just So?

With over 250 different pieces of programming going on over the weekend, the short answer is – lots!

A few things have already caught my eye though, like:


Just So

This area is just for 0-4 year olds. We’re going to do some baby yoga, baby massage and will definitely be looking at the tea party too! Messy play, lullabies and baby book club all mean that 11 month old Eric will have plenty to do!

The Forgotten Courtyard

Just So

Iquisitive family explorers can discover the new Forgotten Courtyard. Tucked away in the ruins of the Old Tenants’ Hall is Rode’s beautiful Italian Garden. Expect to stretch your knowledge of the world around you and take part in workshops, provocations, debates and talks. Experience soundscapes and spoken word events here against the backdrop of the beautiful fountain, Italian cypress and olive trees.

Spellbound Forest

Just So

This is the type of thing memories are made of. Singing songs around the campfire, acoustic entertainment for the whole family and a barefoot walk are all things I’m looking forward to doing with the kids.

There is so much more to do and see too – have a look at the Just So website for further information and to buy tickets. You really ought to buy tickets actually, I’m certain you wouldn’t regret it!

Keep an eye out for further posts from me in the run up to August, I’m sure there will be plenty I want to say about the whole thing.


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