My Autumn wardrobe update

I’ve been a bit giddy on the clothes buying front over the last few months but not much of it has been for me! With a small baby in the house it’s easy to just buy something cute that he doesn’t really need, but I’ve ended up neglecting my own wardrobe somewhat, especially my Autumn wardrobe as I was just wearing anything that fit my two-month post partum shape this time last year.

When JD Williams asked if I’d like to give some of their products a try I thought it would be a great opportunity to treat myself to a bit of something ready for Autumn.

I decided on a Joe Browns tunic and a Snowdonia jacket.

Joe Browns Funky Fox Tunic

I’m a long time fan of Joe Browns but since I rarely spend money on myself I’ve only got one item of theirs in my wardrobe. Since I had no choice but to treat myself (poor me!) I chose a tunic that caught my eye as soon as it appeared on my screen.

I wore it to the Blog On blogging conference I went to in September and it was so, so comfortable. While I was there I lost count of how many people commented on how lovely the tunic was and I felt really well presented in it. I love that it has long sleeves and it’s thick enough to be worn throughout Autumn and into Winter. The length is great on me too. At 5′ 2″ I often struggle with the lengths on clothing and find that everything is too long but the tunic was just perfect for me.

Currently this tunic is £40 which I thought was on the more expensive side as far as my usual clothing budget goes, but honestly it’s worth every bit of that. The quality is great, it washes well, it’s comfortable and it’s well fitting. There literally isn’t anything more I want in an item of clothing! I’d happily pay that amount of money again – and probably slightly more too.

Snowdonia Hybrid Jacket

The second item I chose to review was a hybrid jacket by Snowdonia. I browsed probably every item in the Women’s Coats and Jackets section of the JD Williams website, and finally decided on this one. To be truthful, I really wasn’t sure I was going to like it once it arrived. This jacket is part lightweight jersey fleece, part padded quilting. I chose it because I’ve been looking for something suitable to wear for football. As a football mum, I spend a considerable amount of time outside in the cold, and lots of that time is spend also wearing a baby in a carrier. My regular coat won’t fasten over the carrier and is too thick to comfortably carry the baby whilst wearing it underneath. I was hoping the Snowdonia jacket would provide a happy medium.

Fortunately I was right – this has become my go-to jacket over the Autumn months. I can wear it for almost any outing, it’s comfortable and looks smart enough too.

You can feel the quality of this jacket when you put it on – once you get over the odd feeling of wearing two items of clothing in one. The jacket sits on my hips and feels a comfortable length, which I like. I cannot stand feeling like my coat is riding up! Another interesting feature of the hybrid jacket is that the sleeves have thumb holes! I haven’t had those in an item of my clothing since I was a teenager and they feel a bit weird when I use them. Having said that, I do use them on the cold sidelines!

Have you added to your wardrobe in preparation for the colder months? I’d love to know what you’ve bought!

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