Children’s Fashion: La Redoute Sale

I love a bargain and I’m not really fussed about whether an item of clothing is from the current season or not. If it’s cute and a bargain it’s going in my virtual (or actual) basket for Squidge.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a bucnh of stuff in the sale from La Redoute. Squidge turned two at the end of August so I ordered age two sized clothes in readiness for Autumn.

Here’s some of what I chose:

Tiger top

I love this top. I bought it in ages two and three so he won’t outgrow them so quickly because I think yellow really suits him. He is wearing the age two size here and it fits him well. I like that the top fastens at the back; it’s just something a bit different and I will always choose something that’s just a little bit alternative if I can.

The top is advertised on the La Redoute website as a lion, but actually it’s a tiger (given away by the words ‘my pretty tiger’ printed on the front). I’ve no big cat preference though, fortunately.

This tiger top has washed and tumble dried well, though I will probably line dry it when possible just to avoid any tumble dryer regrets! The sizing is okay, but not generous. If Squidge were 2 and a half I think he would have to size up to age 3.

The dark blue leggings are also from La Redoute and came as part of a twin pack. They are not a tight fit but look good with tops of a bright colour or busy pattern.

Hedgehog dungarees

I really like the material these are made of and I think they’re super cute. I’m sure they would be wonderful for Autumn wear but unfortunately they are very, very small in size. Squidge is wearing age 2 in these photos and was aged 2 years and 2 days when they were taken. As you can see they are far too small. Disappointed with these really, but since I took the tags off and he’s worn them I can only pass them on to a smaller person rather than return them. I think generally it’s best to size up with anything from La Redoute’s children’s range, or order two sizes and be prepared to return clothes that don’t fit.

Funny Fox outfit

This is my favourite of the three outfits in this post. The tshirt and leggings are white with a grey print which meant they were immediately assigned to the pyjama drawer because they would be ruined outdoors. That doesn’t bother me though because I think they are adorable and everyone needs lovely pjs!

The cardigan is quite thick and warm, and I’ve put it on Squidge with other outfits instead of this one. It has little ears on the hood too for extra cuteness!

This outfit is age two and fits perfectly well, both as new and after washing and tumble drying.

So that’s part one of Squidge’s Autumn wardrobe stash – I’ll try to put part two together for next week!

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