Feeling confident in a swim dress

One of the things I love about preparing for a holiday is buying new clothes. I don’t buy everything new but I will treat myself to a couple of dresses, some shorts, maybe a hat and definitely some new shoes.

Something I really needed though was swimwear. I am pretty fussy about the type of swimsuit I will buy and so I’ve been scouring the internet and browsing shops for months in search of something that’s ‘just right’.

As you will know if you’ve been following my Weight Loss Wednesday series on the blog, I’ve been trying to lose a bit of weight for the past few months. I think partly it’s because I want more body confidence, but the main reason I want to shift a few pounds is to set a good example of healthy living to my children. I’m getting there. Slowly, but surely.

The two areas of my body I’m most conscious about are the tops of my legs and my ‘Mum Tum’, so I don’t particularly relish the thought of wearing any kind of swimsuit, truth be told. I figured a swim dress would be my best option on holiday, given my aversion to flashing my cellulite. Lucky for me, Simply Be wondered if I was in need of any holiday clothing and offered to send me two swim dresses to try out. It was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

I chose two swim dresses to try in plain colours. I’m not a person who likes bold patterns anyway, and for me a striped pattern is about as extravagant as swimwear would ever be.

swim dress

The ‘Flatter Me’ Swim Dress

swim dress

The Convertible Swim Dress

The Magisculpt ‘Flatter Me’ Swim dress and the Magisculpt Convertible Swim dress are both comfortable and the skirts are just the right length to cover the bits of my bum that I don’t think the general public need to see. They smooth out lumps and bumps and I feel genuinely more self-confident wearing these than wearing a regular swim suit.

The black swimdress has a lovely embroidered pattern along the top. It has double thin straps which make it prettier and ‘level three’ hold which basically holds your belly in. Exactly what I needed!

The blue convertible swim dress can be tied at the side but I quite like it left down as per the image above. This one is level two hold, so not as tight as the black but I still felt great wearing it.

Swim Dress - back

Swim Dress - back

The back of both swim dresses sit at approximately bra height so neither feels too odd against your skin. Both have light padding on the bust so no visible nipples either which is always good!

Both swim dress options are available from the Simply Be website and the black and blue retail at £42.00 and £45.00 respectively at the moment.


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