Tuesday Treats: New trainers

Every so often I try to write about making time for myself or treating myself to something special or new. I remember for a week or two and then life gets in the way and Tuesday Treats takes a back seat for months on end.

Well since I can’t drink, I’m barely awake past 9pm and I’m out of breath by the time I get to the top of the stairs so I definitely don’t get out as much, I appear to have found some time to write this post.

This weekend I treated myself (well, Him Indoors treated me) to a new pair of trainers.

I haven’t actually owned a pair of trainers for a number of years.

I had some, once, and they just gathered dust because I would much rather wear some wedged sandals or a pair of knee high boots.

Being pregnant though means that not all of my beloved shoes are as suitable as they once were, so my husband suggested I have some trainers to wear with jeans (but definitely not with sportswear – anyone who knows me would think I’d lost my actual mind.)

I wanted plain black, but when we got to the sports shop I quickly realised that bright colours are more where ‘it’ is at just now. There were some plain black ones, but Ted talked me into having just a little bit of colour in my trainer-based life.

Eventually I chose a pair of Sketchers with a memory foam sole, and OHMYGOD they’re comfy!

Bright, but comfy. They’ll be reet as long as I’ve got my sunglasses on to look at the laces…sketchers

They’re not exactly ‘me’, but then I figure that sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and try new things or nothing will ever be ‘you’ aside from what you’ve always had. I’m sure I can wear black jeans and pretty much any bright coloured top with these babies on my feet!


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