Tuesday Treats

After my post last week about my new jumper, dressing gown and slippers, I decided to share some other things I’ve treated myself to!

I’m a little bit in love with a website called everything5pounds.com at the moment. It suits me perfectly because I don’t like spending too much on anything for myself, but I do like nice new things.

I’m a bit short on cardigans at the moment. I have quite a few dresses but need an extra layer most of the time because I’m a bit soft when it comes to being cold. So I ordered a couple of new cardies (and a pair of boots, because they’re five quid and it would be rude not to.)

I also ordered a dress, which I am the most pleased with out of everything I’ve ordered from Everything 5 Pounds.


I love the way it gathers at the side and flatters my figure, and I love the pattern too.

The boots were another fantastic buy. I’ve had shoes from this website before and they’ve always lasted longer than I expected them to. You don’t pay £5 for something and expect it to last you years, but I’m happy with one summer/winter out of a £5.00 pair of shoes I wear regularly.

I’d actually already worn these a few time before I took this photograph. I’d never make a decent fashion blogger would I!


The last thing for this week is my new green cardigan. I like the batwing sleeve on this and it’s long but not too long – even on me at 5′ 2″ tall (or short!). Again, I forgot to take a photo of it but this is it from the website.

Green cardigan

I may or may not have ordered some items from the Select Clothing sale last night, so next Tuesday we may or may not be looking at black tailored trousers, a new top and a jumper dress…


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