Cabana Brasilian Barbecue

It isn’t very often we get to go out for a meal as a family, with Ted working odd hours and the boys’ football taking up so much of the time that we do have together, so Friday was a real treat for us as we enjoyed a truly delicious meal at Cabana in Manchester.

We went along to review the food there both from the main menu and from the children’s menu.

It was Friday lunch time so the restaurant wasn’t very busy, though there were about 10 tables which were occupied. We were sat at an outside table by a friendly server named Michael. He asked if we’d been before and went through the menu with us, pointing out recommended dishes and the different sections of the menu.

On Michael’s recommendation I ordered the Pão de queijo which are apparently the national snack of Brazil. Ted ordered Parmesan and wild honey and we all ordered our main meals too.

The adult’s starters arrived almost immediately and we were not disappointed with them. Ted really enjoyed his and mine was so good the children insisted on trying it more than once!


Shortly after the adults’ starters arrived, as we requested, the kids meals were brought to the table. Rowan had decided on BBQ ribs while Louis had opted for the rather less messy chicken burger. Despite Rowan’s ribs being full of deliciously sticky sauce he didn’t end up going home covered in it because handy little wet wipes are served alongside the rib dishes, thankfully.

Louis & Rowan’s lunch was from the kids’ menu:

kids menu

The boys both said they’d enjoyed their meals, though neither of them cleared their plate because the portions are generous. Plus, of course, they needed to save room for dessert. At £6.95 for a main, a dessert and a soft drink I think the kids’ menu is really good value. It certainly makes a family meal out more affordable.

On visiting the loo upstairs after his meal, Louis discovered that Cabana have an actual hammock installed for customers’ use – he couldn’t get over that at all and so of course had to try it out. Luckily, Manchester doesn’t have many bitey bugs so no need for a hammock mosquito net today!

kids collage

Our main meals were brought to the table around ten minutes after our starter dishes were removed, which was just enough time to wait I think. Ted and I had both ordered chicken skewers, though he went for a spicy chicken as part of his super salad and I chose a more mild flavour marinade for my chicken with a side of rice.

Ted’s dish:

Chicken Super Salad

A large salad with 3 types of corn & palm hearts, topped with a whole portion of either Spicy Malagueta or Guava-cue Chicken

and mine:


Back by popular demand, our sticky, guava not-at-all spicy barbecue chicken. With French Fries & your choice of Rio Beans, Biro-Biro Rice or Homeslaw

Both of our meals were £11.95 and they were worth that too. Neither of us could finish our main course so if you’re looking to eat out for less, a main course would be sufficient to fill you up without having a starter or dessert, though I promise you will be missing out if you don’t try at least one!

Main collage

Finally, even though we were completely stuffed full and it wasn’t at all necessary, we ordered dessert. The purpose of the visit was to try the food, right? So we did it in the name of research – honest.

The kids had a froyo dessert included with their meal deal and so that’s what they had. Louis had peanut butter flavour and Rowan had caramel flavour – both were lovely.

Ted and I shared a dessert of ‘chocolate raindrops’ which were absolutely worth the ever expanding waistline. At £5.95, they were also good value because honestly – I’d go into town just for those!


Delicious fried doughballs stuffed with Nutella: our very own Bolinhos de Chuva

Dessert collage

Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with Cabana. The food was wonderful, it arrived when it should, the service was excellent (thank you Michael and Dolly) and the meal was good value. I’ve already arranged to go back there with some friends.

Cabana can be found in The Corn Exchange in Manchester’s Exchange Square, which is easily accessible from the Metrolink station at Shudehill or by car.

Cabana has nine branches across the UK – find your nearest one on their website.

*Disclaimer: we were invited to Cabana to sample their food and give an honest review of our meal


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