Riverside Picnic

We took a picnic by the river on day 7 of our #30DaysWild adventure. It was a bit of an impromptu dinner as the forecast hadn’t looked great, but I decided to throw caution to the wind (and the rain) and chucked our food into bags. The boys were delighted at the sudden change of plan. They never say no to a bit of fresh air and football.

We headed to one of our favourite country parks and found an empty meadow. A perfect setting for our picnic.

Picnic 2
Betsy in her favourite environment

The boys were eager to run off with the football but I decided that eating first would be a better idea, given that I could hear thunder rolling in! We did manage to stay dry as we ate and were even granted some footy time afterwards. We were already heading back to the car when the rain started.

Picnic 1
Food to go!

The Lost Ball

I find that with two mischievous boys in my life, heading back to the car does not mean we walk directly to the car. Oh no. For us, it means that one boy will kick the football over a fence and down a river bank. Walking straight back to the car would be no fun at all now, would it?

Picnic 4
It has to be around here somewhere…

Naturally, the ball wasn’t a three quid kickabout kind of ball. It was of the twenty quid, Premier League variety. What else!

I didn’t want either of the boys to venture down the river bank to try and get their precious ball, but I was loathed to leave it behind. So because I am clearly deranged, I clambered down the steep banking and along the side of the river (in my now ruined canvas shoes) and searched for the ball.

Which was, of course, stuck in a nettle bush. (Did I mention the boys learned about Dock Leaves that day?)

I only wish I’d have had someone video the whole debacle, I’d surely have got £250 from You’ve Been Framed…

Picnic 3
The boys – it’s a good job I love them!

We had a thoroughly enjoyable tea-time, overall. It was lovely to be out and about, particularly as it was such an impromptu activity.

What is #30DaysWild?

I am trying to cover a variety of nature and wildlife related topics during June as part of our #30DaysWild project. Guest posts are welcome before the end of the month. See my contact page for more details.

30 Days Wild is an initiative by The Wildlife Trusts, running throughout June. See their website for more details.

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