Things you wouldn’t expect from me: juicing and yoga.

Earlier this month I was invited to a juicing event in Leeds. My sister was invited to so we decided to go together. She drove because someone had forced me to drink a considerable amount of wine the night before.

We arrived in Leeds and I recovered from my *ahem* ‘travel sickness’  before making our way to the event.



After a brief introduction we were split into groups and to my delight, my group was sent to the food table first. There were two soup options at the food station. One was mushroom and truffle (who knew that truffles weren’t just chocolate) and the other was chicken and lemongrass. I love mushrooms so I decided to give that one a try, and I was really surprised to find that the soup was delicious!

Mushroom Soup

I didn’t try the chicken and lemongrass because I’m not keen on lemongrass, but I did have two bowls of this one! (Turns out it was a great hangover cure, too.)

Moving on from the food (nooooooo!) our group met a lovely lady by the name of Shakela Shan. She’s really passionate about what she does, which is partly to teach people about the benefits of juicing. The biggest thing I learned (apart from that I am completely unfit – more on that later) is that juicing really shouldn’t be just a load of fruit chucked in a blender. Shakela recommended 80% vegetables to 20% fruit in a shake. Don’t be afraid to experiment with added extras either, like turmeric or seeds!

The third part of our five-station tour was to the bar. Don’t get too excited though, we were making mocktails! There were some really lovely ones, and when served in a flute you could almost (but not quite) imagine you were at a cocktail bar.



Doesn’t that look delicious!

Moving on, we were directed to the torture yoga section. I have never done any sort of yoga in my life unless you count the Wii fit kind, and this certainly didn’t involve standing for as long as possible on one leg or pretending to be a tree. This was something called Rocket Yoga.

Amanda, the instructor, was possibly the happiest person I’ve ever met. She spoke in song and just listening to her made you want to be that happy. As she put us through our yoga paces I wondered which sadist had thought up Rocket Yoga, and cursed myself for not opting for the easy stretches we were offered as an alternative. Having said that, I did feel somewhat invigorated by the time it was time to lie on the floor and relax, so it wasn’t all bad. I’d probably even do it again.

Lastly, we arrived at the play station, where there were several juicers available for us to make our own concoctions. Even after spending the entire day talking about juice, I still didn’t trust myself to create on of my own, so I left that to the other members of my group. I’m not convinced they knew what they were doing either if I’m honest, because most of the juices were brown…

There was a competition to win a juicer, which I quite fancied, but none of my instagrams were witty enough unfortunately. Win some, lose some.

As well as my version of the day, you can also read the official post from Currys, who hosted the event.

Thanks Currys, I had a lovely time at the hangover cure juicing event!

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