Health & Well-being

Race for Life: A family event

Earlier this month I ran the Cancer Research UK Race for Life for the third time. The previous two times I have participated I walked round the course, because I had no inclination to run whatsoever. This time though I…
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Pizza Run 2019

I’ve never been a sporty person, I never particularly enjoyed exercise and PE was my least favourite subject at school. Recently though I’ve found myself preaching to my children about how they ought to lay off the sweets, how they…
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Improving our health for our children

I have been the same clothing size for around 10 years. It bothers me intermittently and I will halfheartedly take up Slimming World or Couch to 5K, but it hasn’t ever been something that’s constantly at the forefront of my…
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The Mindful Living Show

I spent a drizzly Saturday afternoon in February at Manchester Central, attending Mindful Living show. I’ve very recently discovered mindfulness and am learning of its benefits. I think it’s something that can certainly contribute to a calmer, more peaceful life…
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