Race for Life: A family event

Earlier this month I ran the Cancer Research UK Race for Life for the third time. The previous two times I have participated I walked round the course, because I had no inclination to run whatsoever. This time though I am a different person, and have actually taken quite a liking to my version of running.

My version is much like other people’s, only slower and with rather less finesse.

Our Race for Life 2019

Well, it was definitely a group effort. Myself, my mum, sister, sister’s friend, my husband and children all ran the full 5k – my husband did it with the pushchair even though he wasn’t even entered (who does that? At least I got a medal and a bit of Ryvita).

The race was at Heaton Park in Manchester which is so hilly it seems almost unfair to us race runners, yet here we are. I ran the Pizza Run at the same park a month before, but the route was different for Race for Life, and actually seemed just slightly flatter.

I hadn’t run 5k since the Pizza Run, so I knew my efforts weren’t going to be Herculean, but I jogged some, walked some and ultimately achieved what I set out to do, which was finish the course. Naturally my children beat my time by a great deal, and my eldest was waiting at the finish line like he’d been a spectator all along. In fact I finished behind everyone in our group, with a time of 42 minutes, but that really isn’t he point of Race for Life is it. We did the run, we did it as a family and we had fun.

The boys even got some sponsorship and raised ยฃ80 for Cancer Research UK between them, so I’m really very proud to be their mum. They had set a target of ยฃ100 so if you’d like to help them reach that, the Justgiving page is still open!

Next race?

I don’t know yet – I haven’t booked anything else but I do have my eye on some virtual medals in the meantime! I can’t e the only person who enters a race based on what the medal looks like, right?!

The next job on my list when it comes to running is kit. I have some standard, low cost trainers and running clothes from the supermarket. The clothes are fine but I think I need some proper running shoes or trainers if I’m going to run regularly, and I’ll go for gait analysis too.

Are you a runner? Do you have any tips for me around buying new trainers?

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