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I am of the view that the purpose of school is to provide a basic education to every pupil in its care, and the purpose of parents is to nurture those children and that education until they reach their full potential….
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Educational Play

Our favourite place to learn with the children is outdoors, but sometimes we just can’t venture out. I don’t like cold  or wet weather very much. The boys tend to play inside on days like that because I’m a bit soft! That doesn’t mean we…
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Shelter making in the woods

Day two of our #30DaysWild is all about building a shelter or den in the woods! We went over to Tatton Park in Cheshire to attend the Geronimo Festival that was held there. We had an amazing time and the boys…
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What’s On: Fashion on the ration

This weekend the Imperial War Museum North is hosting a marvellous weekend of fashion tips and tutorials with a difference. Fashion on the Ration is a collection of the wonderful ways men and women stayed stylish and on trend with…
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What’s On: Digital Kids Show

Modern day family life often means kids being online or gaming from a young age, and Digital Kids Show is here to help children and their caregivers learn together about the benefits and dangers of being online. A fun day…
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Under the Sea Stories: Book review

Under the Sea Stories by Stuart Lightman When we were little, our mum used to tell my sister and me made up stories at bedtime. I can’t actually remember what any of them were about but I remember that I…
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30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild As a family, we are big fans of the outdoors. We love to explore new places, learn about our natural environment and see the boys appreciate the wonder of the natural world. Next month we are taking…
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Learn about: Nowruz

Norouz table

Over the next two weeks we will be marking Easter and St. Patrick’s Day by doing various activities with the children, but this year I wanted to also teach them about a celebration they’ve never heard of before. We will…
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Our Schleich Dinosaur Adventures

Kids Dinosaur Dig

The boys love doing something fun after school so one day last week I decided to set up a ‘Dinosaur Dig’ ready for when they got home. Incidentally – I thought this activity was about archaeology, because we’re digging stuff up….
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