Winter Essentials for your Home

As much as we might not want to admit it, the nights are officially drawing in and dark, wintery mornings are definitely on the horizon. Away goes the summer clothes, the garden furniture and the BBQ coals and we say hello to scarves, thick socks, winter coats and pumpkin spiced lattes. Whilst the idea of Autumn may excite some people, it might, at the same time, fill others with dread as we suddenly wonder whether hot summer nights and garden reading were just a figment of our hopeful imaginations after all. However, when the temperature drops and the wind picks up there is undeniably nothing better than sitting indoors with a blanket, a good film, and a hot chocolate as you escape the cold. If you want to winter-fy your home in preparation for the next few months, then here are a few essentials to help ease you in gently!

Oversized Mugs

A pretty basic first suggestion but an important one nonetheless! Choose a couple of oversized mugs, get some hot chocolate (the ‘real’ hot chocolate is always better than the powdered stuff) add whipped cream and marshmallows and you’ll instantly feel wintery. There are some great ways to spice up your drink including Gingerbread or Hazelnut syrups for the ultimate wintery treat. If you fancy a cup of cocoa but are counting the calories, why not try non-dairy milk, raw cacao powder and a little Agave/Manuka Honey to sweeten? Skip the marshmallows if you wish, but trust me, they’re worth it!

Candles, Candles and more Candles

There is something about the warm glow of a candle that instantly make your home cosier and it’s no secret that you can get some amazing smelling ones, particularly the winter Halloween and Christmassy flavours. Some candles can definitely cost you a pretty penny but there are also some great value candles that still give off amazing smells and burn for a considerable amount of time! Candles are also great for setting the mood! If you have little ones or don’t want to risk any accidents with a house full of real candles there are some great lamps in the style of candles that give off a similar sort of glow – and actually look really real!

Outdoor Lighting

This may seem like a strange one but outdoor lighting either in your porch or the outside of your house is essential in the winter months. An illuminated driveway or porch area is a lot safer than making your way blindly up a dark driveway and many are motion-censored so there is also a way of detecting whether anyone is outside your property. Outdoor lights don’t have to be industrial or make your home look ‘ugly’ and they can, in fact, add to its overall kerb appeal as there are plenty of really nice designs. Definitely something to consider as the nights get darker earlier.

Fluffy Socks

Ok, maybe not an essential, but onesies, ridiculously fluffy socks and huge sofa throws are definitely one of my favourite parts of autumn/winter. Gone are the flip flops and shorts and practically everything and anything made from fleece returns. I’m sure you’ll all agree there is nothing worse than freezing cold feet in bed!

A Thermos

As much as we’d like to, staying in all day everyday during the winter isn’t very realistic. Unfortunately, that morning workout still has to happen, as does the commute to the office or the hectic school run, so make sure you have a decent thermos for that essential morning coffee…on the go. Yes, you could pop to a local coffee shop for a takeout but the cost of this adds up massively so maybe use this as a Friday treat rather than an everyday occurrence!

Heated Blanket

Again, maybe more of a luxury than an essential, but trust me, there is absolutely nothing better than getting into a bed that has been heated first, especially if you’ve been out in the cold. Shop online for the best prices, or better still, hold off until November and grab a Black Friday bargain before the temperature really starts to drop.


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