The 4 Staples Of A Great Kid’s Bedroom

A great children’s bedroom is more than the sum of its parts. A great children’s bedroom will be the place that your son or daughter will spend the majority of their developmental time, so it’s also much more than just a normal bedroom. This is where they will develop their relationship to their sleep habits, where they will need comforting from bad dreams, and where they will feel the safest in your entire household. This is why it’s so important to get right.

If you want to get the room decorated to the best of your ability, you’ll need to implement the three staples of a great kid’s bedroom, and they are listed under the following headings:


Your child’s bed is the area which you should invest the most money and time finding. Kids mid sleeper beds are the most popular, and so finding the best one for your money isn’t too difficult these days. Consider what design you’d like, and if that design will still feel relevant as your child grows into their young teenage years. While replacing a mattress every few years is customary, replacing the actual bed frame might not happen for a decade. For this reason, you should prioritize stability, safety, and utility. Is it large enough, so your child will grow into it with their growth spurts? Is the design practical for your home space? What aesthetic are you going for?  These are all worthy questions, and you should ask them before your purchase.


The colours of your children’s bedroom walls need to be inoffensive and calming. Cool blues, light beiges, and even a light green can help your infant child feel comfortable in the room, while a deeper, more oppressive color can make the walls seem intrusive. Think of it from the perspective of a young child. The light and way the shadows are cast mean a lot to a child, and it largely dictates how safe or familiar with the space they feel. If you fail to provide them with a nice environment, they will struggle to sleep, and might even dislike the space they should feel the most comfortable in. Use your best judgment.


Depending on the age of your child, you need to focus on what form of entertainment would be nice for when they’re quietly playing on their own. For young teenagers, a television works nicely, or even a rudimentary video game console. For smaller children, a doll’s house or storage area for their toys can help them relax. No matter the age, the design matters. Allow them to make the space their own by placing pictures on the walls of their drawings, and if you can go for it, paint designs on the walls using templates or your own artistic merit to depict pictures of things they like, for example mermaids or footballs. Express the personality of your child in the room to bring everything together nicely.

These tips  will help you craft the perfect children’s bedroom, worthy of envy.

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