Moving the children into a shared room

We have three bedrooms in our house and so until now the boys have had their own space. With baby #3 due this summer though the boys are going to be sharing a room, which means a freshly decorated room and new furniture for them. At the moment the boys both have high sleepers which won’t fit into their shared room, so the solution is going to be bunk beds.

With the rooms being fairly small there’s no other way to fit everything in except bunk beds. Having had a good look around,I think white wooden beds would be best because they will contribute to helping the room look bright and perhaps a little bit more spacious.

bedroom furniture

In addition to the bunk beds I’ve chosen, the boys’ room will just about fit a wardrobe and a chest of drawers in addition to the toys they have in there. The toys will have to be sorted through and some of them will need to be ‘repurposed’ (or binned), mostly when the boys aren’t looking.

I love this wardrobe, and if I can find a tall chest of drawers to compliment these two pieces of furniture I’ll be happy. Unfortunately, the boys want their room to be like a football stadium, so they’re having a green (yes, green) carpet, three white walls and – if I can find one suitable – a wall mural of Manchester United’s Stretford End.


We’re really short on storage space so the extra cupboards would be very handy, especially given our very high ceilings. In addition, box shelves will house some of the boys’ books and the rest will continue to clutter the bookshelves in the lounge!

Under the bed will also be a great place to store that thoroughly dangerous weapon owned by many children: LEGO.

I need to think of other clever ways to create space in a small bedroom, and once it’s all done I’ll try to remember to post some before and after photos.

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