#BEDA Day Four: Where Would You Like To Be In Ten Years?

Ten years ago I would never have conjured up the image of myself as a wife and mother, living in the same house and running two blogs.

So I find it difficult to imagine where I will be ten years from now.

I my children will be 14 and 17 years old. In fact, we will be celebrating Rowan’s 14th birthday. That thought makes me feel quite sick!

I look after my grandma now, but in ten years time she’d be 90 and there is a possibility she won’t be with us. With luck I’ll still be caring for her, but I am about to make enquiries about a career change. Retraining as a counsellor is something I’ve been considering for some time and I’ve just received some information in the post about it. So maybe I’ll be doing that.

I’ll be 42, ten years from now. I hope I’m still in good health, that my family are still close by and that my children are happy. If they’re happy, I’ll be happy too.


  1. I find it really hard to look ahead ten years as well. Hoping for good health, family close by and happy children is a great aim for the next ten years – all the important things covered there.

  2. If you’re boys will be 14 & 17 in 10 years you will probably need to be a trained councillor to calm all the girls down at your door with those two little men.

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