#BEDA Day Nine: My 15 Happy Things

Today’s prompt from Outmumbered’s Blog Every Day in August is to tell you of 15 things that make me happy.

Aside from the obvious ones like family and friends, these fifteen things make me smiley!

1. Lists. I love making lists and ticking things off. Just writing this post is therefore going to make me happy!

2. Wine. Rosé is my favourite. I love the stronger wines and will always choose an 11 or 12% abv over an 8 or 9%. I’m such a drunkard!

3. Feel-good films. I don’t like watching anything with a sad ending so I try to avoid those, and instead opt for chick flicks like Grease, Dirty Dancing or Hairspray.

4. Singing. I love to sing. If I know the words I’ll sing along every time.

5. Camping. Aside from putting the tent up and taking it down again, which I’m not overly enamoured by, I love everything about camping. Getting to spend a week with my family doing as much or as little as we like is one of my greatest pleasures.

6. Blogging. Seems obvious but I couldn’t do this list without including it. I spend lots of time blogging, networking, attending events and most importantly, making new friends!

7. My dog. To see just how much she means to me, check out my previous post about best friends!

8. Bubble baths. I don’t get to have a long, hot, deep and bubbly bath very often, but when I do I don’t want to get out!

9. Peace & Quiet. As much as I enjoy the company of my children (and I really do!) I also like to sit and enjoy the quiet.

10. Hugs. Everything can be improved with a hug from someone you love. Like this guy for example …


11. Taking photos. I really want to leave a kind of memory trail for my boys and that’s one of the reasons I started blogging. I can usually be found with my phone in my hand.

12. Helping others. I really get a kick out of helping other people and will always offer to help when I can.

13. Seeing my children develop. I enjoy teaching them things, building on their knowledge and learning alongside them too.

14. Cooking. I love to cook for others. I get a huge sense of satisfaction from seeing people enjoy the food I’ve prepared.

15. Sunshine. I find pleasure in every season – I love snuggling in winter, the colours of autumn and the newness of spring. By far my favourite season though is summer. The sunshine genuinely makes me infinitely happier. Everything seems better if it’s doused in sunshine.

So they were my 15 happy things. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at my bucket list!


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