#BEDA Day Seven: 10 Songs In My Playlist

I love music, but don’t really have a ‘playlist’ as such. My phone memory is already full up so there’s no room for any songs!

I love to sing (see 20 facts about me) and so all of these bar one are songs I can belt out in the car/shower/whilst hoovering (in flatter shoes than Freddie Mercury). These are my go-to songs when I’m on my own.

Black Velvet by Alannah Myles

This is ‘my’ karaoke song. Much to everyone else’s dismay, I love ‘singing’ this at the top of my voice. With a microphone and an amp. Sorry about that!

Another of my favourite songs is Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters.

It was the song my husband and I chose for our first dance and so it will always be special to me. I say ‘we’ chose it – I chose it for him and didn’t tell him. He’s a huge rock fan and this brought a tear to his eye, the big softie!

Staying with ‘special songs’, the next song on my list is Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams. For me and my sister Hayley, this is ‘our song’. I have no idea why. Probably something to do with vodka and karaoke!

Next up is Guns n Roses Sweet Child o’ Mine. Another karaoke favourite, this song has long since been one of my favourites.

I also like a bit of The Carpenters from time to time. I think my favourite song has to be Rainy Days and Mondays. I love singing along to it because it has some bits that I don’t do too badly!

Gosh, am only on five …

Right okay. Number six has to be something by The Beatles. I love I Am The Walrus because it’s so utterly ridiculous. I don’t know the words (which is unusual for me!) but I can Coo-Coo-Cachoo with the best of them!

Seventh place goes to another Metallica song, this time it’s Enter Sandman. I just love it. In fact, everyone in the house loves it. The kids know the words to the chorus and it’s one of the songs we always listen to on car journeys.

Moving away from the rock genre, I have to include something by Ludovico Einaudi. His music is so hypnotic, it makes me feel so relaxed and dissolves tension! As an example of his mesmerising talent, I give you Oltremare.

My penultimate playlist entry is Read My Lips by Jimmy Somerville. I remember my mum listening to it when I was a child and it’s nostalgic for me!

Lastly, my playlist wouldn’t be complete without something by P!nk. She’s bloody brilliant and there are so many of her songs that could take this place on my playlist. The one I’m choosing for today is Bad Influence.


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