#BEDA Day Seventeen: My Day

Today’s prompt is to give a timeline of my day. I won’t do today because it’s not a regular day. This is what a school day looks like for us …

7am: Alarm goes off

7.30am: Alarm goes off again

7.45am: I realise I’m going to be late and drag my sorry arse out of bed

8am: I start getting the kids out of bed. This takes about twenty minutes and about 4 times of yelling ‘Come On!’

8.20am: Breakfast for the kids. None for me. Kids get dressed.


8.30am: Teeth, shoes, coat. ‘Have you got your PE kit?’, ‘I don’t KNOW where your other shoe is!’ and ‘Stop prodding/poking/licking/pinching/annoying your brother!’ are regularly used phrases around this time of a morning.

9am: School drop off. I occasionally make it to school before 9am, but not all that often.

9.15am: Get home and set off to work. I work five mornings a week caring for my grandma and am usually there for before 9.30am. I have always taken Rowan with me but in September he’ll be at school himself (*sob*)

9.30am: Cleaning, shopping, appointments and whatever else we need to do at Gran’s.

12 noon: Drop Rowan at nursery.

12.30: Weekday afternoons are never predictable and no two are ever the same. This is my only time to do ALL THE THINGS. I might do some shopping, some cleaning, some planning for blogging, almost definitely some social media work (and faffing). I always take the dog for a walk for about half an hour at about half two, giving me around two hours to do five hours worth of ‘jobs’.

3pm: Collect Rowan from nursery.

3.30pm: Straight from Rowan’s school to Louis’ to collect him.

4pm: Home and coats off, the children usually go and play. Often they’ll have a snack when we get home.

5pm: I will have spent the last hour making a meal ready for when we get back from football, which the boys attend four times a week.

6.30pm: Tea time, finally. We have something to eat and get ready for bed. Most nights the boys have a bath, then get into bed. We read a story (or three) and say our goodnights. The whole process takes about an hour and a half.

8pm: I settle down to do some blogging or networking. I usually end up chatting in Facebook groups for longer than I should.

10pm – 12am: Bedtime for me is anytime between ten and twelve. On occasion it’s later but only if I’ve got a lot to do or have procrastinated too much!

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