#BEDA Day Thirteen: Where I Live

canal dog walk
One of our favourite dog walks is along the canal

I live in a town called Radcliffe, in Manchester.

I can often be heard complaining about youths on the park behind the house or boy racers zooming up and down the street but when I think about it, I’m in quite a good place really. For every negative I can find a positive. For example;

I don’t like that we live on a main road, but we are very fortunate in that our house backs on to quite a good park. With a football/basketball/cricket pitch, a play park, picnic benches, table tennis, tennis courts and a bowling green I think we’re pretty lucky.

The town centre is run down, which is a bit pants. Within 15 minutes I can drive to one of two decent town centres and within half an hour I can be in city centre Manchester. I’m perfectly situated for all the shopping I could ever want to do.

It’s quite a built up area. Within ten minutes, though, I can be walking along the canal side and feeling like I’m a million miles away from home. I can drive to the seaside in less than an hour and I can be on the motorway in ten minutes. Additionally, the public transport is brilliant, allowing us to be in heart of the city centre within half an hour.

All of these things make where I live a good place to be. No, it isn’t perfect, but it has pretty much everything we need.

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