Like Love Loathe 17/06/14

I’ve never joined in with this particular linky before but I’ve got plenty to say this week (and most weeks actually) so here I am.

This week, I like: Planning.

The summer break is coming up for the boys and I genuinely love spending time with them. I’m excited about planning lots of fun activities for us to do. I just need a financial windfall to help pay for it all!

This week, I love: Emma

I’m having a particularly crappy week this week where everything seems to be getting on top of me and I was starting to struggle a bit. In stepped Emma with wine, strawberries, a cuddle from her beautiful baby and some encouraging words. When she left I felt much more positive about everything, she really helped me.

Emma’s beautiful boy, Finn

This week I loathe: Toothache

I’ve been suffering with toothache since a week last Friday. At first it was a niggling pain but over the next few days became a constant throbbing nightmare. I managed to get a dentist appointment last Thursday and was prescribed Amoxicillin but I finish the course today and am in MORE pain that I was last week. They antibiotics haven’t helped in the slightest and I’m demented with the agony.

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