Our princess-free Frozen night

Rowan really loves Disney’s Frozen, but I find that much of the merchandise on sale is princess-based. While we’ve no aversion to Anna and Elsa, when I googled ‘Frozen parties’ I found a lot of photos of little girls in princess dresses, a lot of glitter and ice castles made with varying degrees of talent.

We’re all about Olaf though, so I guess really this is more of an Olaf Night if I’m to be more specific.

I planned four activities for Rowan to do, but we only got around to doing three because our first one was such a hit!

First, we made our own snow.

Surprisingly simple to make, our snow proved to be the favourite activity of the evening. We literally chucked a box of cornflour into a disposable turkey roasting tray and added body lotion a little at a time, until we made perfect snow.

The fake snow is quite a messy activity when being made by a four year old, but on the up side your hands will be lovely and soft for days!

home made snow

Once Rowan had spread the fake snow all over the kitchen table, the floor, the dog and the lounge carpet (sorry Daddy!) we decided to do something else. What better activity after such snowy fun than baking some lovely warm fairy cakes!

I cheated and used a mix from a box, and then Rowan decided he didn’t want icing on them so I ended up sticking the rice paper on with a bit of warm jam. I was quite pleased with my little improvisation considering I can’t bake.

He’s topless because getting his beloved Manchester United top dirty just doesn’t bear thinking about!

cake anyone


Lastly we played stick the nose on Olaf! I’m really sad about this, but I can’t seem to find any of the photos or videos we did of this game. Rowan loved it and didn’t want me to take down the Olaf the following morning. It stayed up for a week in the end. I downloaded the Olaf and the noses from Halegrafx for free. If you have access to a printer this is a great resource.

We also had some snowballs (marshmallows) to eat and we were going to watch the film too but by the time we’d finished having fun it was way past bedtime!

snowman olaf

Mini Creations


  1. That’s ace. My boys love Frozen too – it is’nt just a girl film. We love fake snow here too – it’s amazing how long they’ll play with it 🙂
    I love your new blog Karen, it really is a breath of fresh air and seeing you write about stuff you want to write about is so great 🙂 xxx

  2. It seems that Frozen has captured the imagination of both boys and girls. Rowan (such a lovely name) looks like he had a fabulous time and that snow looks amazing!

  3. Lucas says – We love Olaf too in our house. You should hear Daddy singing the Summer song. He even sounds like Olaf. Those cakes look very yummy too! Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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