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I have loads of resolutions I want to make this year and one of them is not to put so much pressure on myself. I take on lots of different things all the time: I start new projects, I agree to charity stuff, I set up new blogs … and then I get all panicked because I don’t have enough time to do everything I’ve committed to. In turn I find myself avoiding the computer and ultimately nothing at all gets done. I’m tired of being chased by brands because my review is overdue and I owe it to them and to my reputation as a half decent blogger to have those done in good time.

So this year my resolutions are a little bit different to the usual ‘lose three stone and become a millionaire’ types I have made (and failed at) in the past.

This year I’m taking a much more vague approach to resolutions.

I do want to lose three stone in weight, but my resolution is to ‘lose some weight’. I did lose just over a stone with Slimming World last year and I’m going to return to that plan. I know it works for me and I know how to go about it. I just need to stay away from chocolate and evil bread and I’m already on a winner.

I want to earn money through the blog and freelance writing, but since I believe that will come only with practice and getting my blog posts ‘out there’, my resolution is to interact more both with bloggers and brands. I figure that if I join in with more link ups, comment on more blogs, read new blogs and perhaps more blogs outside of the parenting genre, I will pick up new skills, new vocabulary and plenty of blog post ideas.

My list of things to do before I’m 40 has been neglected of late, but I turn 33 this month so I do want to tick at least one thing off my list. It doesn’t really matter which one (though I doubt it will be the one where I go to St. Lucia and swim with dolphins) but if I can see myself making progress its sure to spur me on to complete more of the list.

Though these three things are on my list of resolutions, I’ve also some more general goals for the coming year. I want to laugh more, walk more, see more of our beautiful country, spend more quality time with the boys (both together and individually) and be just a tad more organised. Overall, I’m just hoping to be happier. Less stressed out, more relaxed. Much more like the old me.

I want to take on less of the stuff that isn’t really my responsibility and concentrate on doing what I love. If I focus on things that really make me tick, I’m certain that I will feel more accomplished and pleased with where I’m going in life.

Each month I’ll be checking in with an update on my resolutions and linking up with my lovely sister Hayley over and Get Out and See Stuff. If you’d like to offer me some encouragement or even just keep tabs on how I’m doing you’ll find me (and several others) over there on the first of every month.

Wish me luck, and a happy new year to you.

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    • We all put lots of pressure on ourselves at the start of the year I think! Good luck with yours too 🙂

  1. Good luck with your resolutions. I think you’re doing the right thing by keeping them simple, that way you’re not piling on pressure xx

    • I hope so! I figure that even if I lose 1lb in the next twelve months I’ve still achieved something! (I wouldn’t be happy about it though!)

    • Aww Becky. I’m looking forward to following (and joining you on) your #ThinkingSlimmer journey – something we can achieve together!

    • Thanks Susanne. Just looking back at this post one month in and thinking I’d best get cracking haha!

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