Wise Words from an Elderly Lady

dark days

This is something my grandma once said to me. She said it on a day when times were tough and money was tight, and I sat and told her my worries.

There won’t always be dark days.

I didn’t take a great deal of notice at the time. Drowning in unpaid bills and cutting back on even the most essential items, we were struggling as many young families do. I wasn’t really that interested in getting advice, I was just fed up.

A few months after I’d first heard my grandma say this to me, I was sat in the park. The boys were running around with a football, then picked up their scooters and raced against each other, then back to me and started all over again. They were having a really wonderful time. We were in the park directly behind our house.

It had cost us nothing to get here. It cost us nothing to play. The sun was out and all was well with the world. We didn’t have much money, but we were getting by. We managed.

The day I sat, despairing over my situation, those words hadn’t brought me any comfort. But on that bench in the park, they made perfect sense. Yes, things were imperfect. We weren’t rolling in money. But we had a lot. More than many others ever have.

There won’t always be dark days, if you just look a little further, a little harder, a little longer. You’ll find light.


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  1. I need to remember this quote – a twist on the old “this too shall pass.” Your grandmother is a wise woman. So glad to be visiting from Mama Kat’s. 🙂

  2. I needed to see this today. Thank you. I am currently on my way home to Missouri to spend time with my dad who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last week. The situation is dark – and has completely consumed me this week. I appreciate the reminder and perspective. I’ll be looking for the light and thankful for every minute I have with him.

  3. Aw, I love this! Exactly what I needed to hear today. Such a sweet story about a quote that hit you at just the right time. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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