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I’ve never had very green fingers. In fact, most everything I try to grow just dies a sudden death. My husband, however, is better and so he and the boys have a few things growing in the back yard. On day 9 of #30DaysWild we are looking at how our plants are doing.

We don’t have a garden, so the children have a small plastic greenhouse and a couple of planters for now. We thought about what we might like to have and decided that some herbs and some potatoes was the way to go.


We totally cheated with the herbs and bought them ready grown, but we transferred them from their little pots into a bigger container and so far they’re surviving well. We chose Basil, Mint and Parsley, though we tend to mostly use the Basil and the Mint.

Growing Herbs


I bought the potato seeds and we had two strawberry planters we didn’t use last year, so we’re using them for the potatoes (I know, we’re total professionals…).

It soon became apparent that we weren’t the only ones interested in the potato plants. The leaves are holier than church on Sundays thanks to our resident slugs and snails. I think the actual potatoes will still be okay though and we’re hoping for a small harvest somewhere around September.

Potato plant

Do you grow anything in a small space? I’d love some tips because I clearly need all the help I can get when it comes to growing things!

If you have more space than us, there are lots of ways you can use your garden to help local wildlife. There are some brilliant ways to help bees on The Wildlife Trusts website. Take a look!

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