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North West Theatre, August – September 2019

Here’s my autumn round up of family theatre in the North West over the next couple of months. Hope it’s useful! A theatre round up for October – December 2019 will be coming soon, so if you enjoy family theatre,…
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Invitation to play: home made paint

My big plan was to have my two year old make paint with me today, but as it happens I’m his minion and that’s my job. He simply would like to play with the paint once it’s ready. Put in…
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Planning for the John Muir Award

The boys used to attend a forest school where they were working towards something called the John Muir Award. They weren’t able to complete the award as we had to stop attending the forest school, but I decided to look…
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What’s On at Just So 2019

One of our favourite summer events over the last few years has been the Just So festival. Last year my sister and I took the children and we had a ball. We dressed up as bees, danced our socks off…
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Pizza Run 2019

I’ve never been a sporty person, I never particularly enjoyed exercise and PE was my least favourite subject at school. Recently though I’ve found myself preaching to my children about how they ought to lay off the sweets, how they…
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The best Warner Bros film sets around the world

Over the past 100 years or so, Warner Bros has released a host of iconic movies. Today, the expansive studios include acres and acres of movie-making magic. One’s located in Hollywood, the other right here in the UK. Over the…
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Tips for managing your money when things are tight

My husband has just changed jobs and doesn’t get his first full wage for 10 weeks. Whilst the new job will be better paid than the last, it does mean I’ve had to budget differently this month. But less money…
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Monster Jam is back in town

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May, Manchester is in for a special treat as Monster Jam returns to Manchester Arena after nine years! Ever since the boys watched monster machine cartoons as toddlers, they’ve loved these gigantic machines. They…
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Fun at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

The boys and I spent the day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach – find out all you need to know about getting the best value.

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