Barbados from above

It may be a fairly small island, but there is plenty to do and see in Barbados. We spent a couple of weeks there and had the most amazing holiday. As we went with extended family we were fortunate enough to be able to do some great child-free activities, including a helicopter tour of the island.

Bajan Helicopters has now ceased trading, and as far as I can tell from Google and TripAdvisor, helicopter tours are no longer available on the island, which is a real shame. I feel quite lucky then to have experienced Barbados from above!

If I recall correctly it cost me about ¬£100 for the short flight. We didn’t have all that much ‘spare’ money on that holiday but the heli flight was something I really had my heart set on so we decided to just go for it.

Barbados Helicopter Tour

This was actually the only helicopter flight I’d ever been on, so that in itself was something I was quite excited about. Headset on, fully briefed and ready to go, it only then occurred to me, squished in between three other tourists and a pilot, that helicopters are pretty small craft really, aren’t they?!

I soon forgot about the distinct lack of personal space as we made our way around the island. What an amazing thing it is to see such a beautiful place from that perspective.

Perfect sea colors

The sea is just perfect. I was mesmerised by the¬†multicoloured mass, and could’ve watched it four hours. Little boats bobbing along, and later jet-skiing tourists just off the coast.

Industrial and residential areas

Then, a completely different view of the island. Built up areas with hotels, industrial estates and groups of chattel houses. On another day we actually hired a car and drove around the entire island, and the state of some of the housing there was really poor. During the flight the pilot pointed out various landmarks – but not like I was expecting! One that stuck in my mind was him pointing out Simon Cowell’s holiday home!

Coves and caves

Now if I’d have been blogging when I took this trip, I would’ve taken clearer photos and I would know what I was photographing! So I don’t know which cove this is, but I do think it’s beautiful anyway. There are so many hidden gems like this in Barbados, I really must go back.

Rocky terrain

This pretty island isn’t all flat roads and beaches – there is some stunning scenery too and I expect some excellent walks – although that wasn’t something on my radar on the relaxing beach holiday I took! I love this photo though, and every time I look at it I wonder what that little building might be by the roadside…

Have you been to Barbados? What were your highlights?

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