My list of things to do before I’m 40

When I turned thirty, I wrote a list of things to do over the next ten years. This was the list:

  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Go to St. Lucia
  • Raise £1,000 for charity
  • Be a size 12 – for good!
  • Fly a plane
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Climb a mountain
  • Be my own boss
  • See the maldives
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Get a motorbike license
  • Spend £500 in one clothes shop
  • Make a difference in 10 people’s lives

So today, a month after I wrote my new years resolution post for 2015, I decided to revisit this list and track my progress. When I read over it, I was surprised by it. I haven’t revisited it for a good few months.

Well, I still quite like most of this list, but I am making some changes.

I do still want to swim with Dolphins.

I’m scrapping St. Lucia in favour of ‘See more of the world‘.

I’d still like to raise money for charity, so I’m keeping ‘Raise £1000 for charity.’

Be a size 12 is something I’m not sure about. I think maybe I should be looking more at a goal built on a healthier lifestyle rather than a dress size, but for now I’m going to leave this one as it is.

Fly a plane. Yes, please!

Ride in a hot air balloon. Yes, I’m keeping this one too.

Climb a mountain. I do still want to do this one, too. Though I’m not sure why because I struggle climbing even the smallest of hills. Perhaps I’ll try this one when I get to that size 12…

Be my own boss. With the blog I feel that I’m on the way to being my own boss. I hope that over the coming years I can take this in an exciting direction and work from home, at least while the children are still young.

See the Maldives. I am keeping this one, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to fulfill it. It’ll be great if I can though!

Learn to play an instrument. Yes, I’d very much like to do this. I’m slightly concerned about the neighbours’ reaction if I took up the saxophone like I did at school, so the jury is still out on which instrument it’ll be.

Get a motorbike license. I’ve decided to set this one aside. It isn’t cheap to get your motorbike license and I’d much rather use any spare money we have to do something with the family.

Spend £500 in a clothes shop. Well, despite my last comment about not wanting to waste money on fast bikes, I am still quite happy to blow half a thousand pounds on clothes. I’ve never been the type of person that spends a lot on clothes for myself, so I think I’d find this quite exhilarating. I’ll let you know.

Make a difference in ten people’s lives. I am a person who likes to help others. I truly believe that you reap what you sow and I try my hardest to be pleasant. I’m not perfect – who is? – but I try. I’m not sure though how I could properly measure something like this. That’s why I’m going to rework this goal and have it down as ‘Show regular kindness‘. Toward the end of last year the kids and I started ‘Kind Club’, but over Christmas it sorta got lost by the wayside. I’m going to start it again with them though, so watch out for updates on the blog.

So that’s it. I don’t think it’s too unrealistic, though of course it largely depends on money. I hope that when I revisit this list next year, I can cross some stuff off it!

Do you have a list of things to do? Have you given yourself a time limit?

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