The Tattoo That Breaks My Heart

I got a tattoo!

I’ve been waiting twelve months to get this tattoo.

A tattoo isn’t something that should ever be done on a whim. I chose this design over a year ago and decided to wait twelve months, and if I still loved it after a year I’d probably love it for life.

I chose this design for two reasons.

1) the quote is a favourite of my friend Ashlee. Anyone who knows me will know of Ashlee’s story. Read my posts about here here.

2) the ribbon represents breast cancer support. Ashlee’s primary cancer is breast cancer and my grandma is only still with us today because her breast cancer was caught in time.

This may have been twelve months in the planning, but that didn’t stop me being nervous before I went into the tattooist this afternoon.

photo 1
The Planning Stage
photo 2
Last Chance to Change My Mind!
photo 3
Frank was such a perfectionist. It took us five attempts at getting the template just right.
photo 4
Don’t flinch!!
photo 5
I treated myself for being such a brave girl 😉


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