My weight loss journey begins. Again.

I’m actually going away on an all inclusive break in three days time, so consider this first line as a disclaimer. I intend to eat and drink whatever I like for three days and will write next week about my plan to ditch the flab.

For now, I will just tell you my story so far.

I’ve joined Slimming World more than once. I think I’ve joined four times in fact. I know it works for me when I really set my targets and stick to them, but I am so easily tempted by things I really shouldn’t have.

I’ve just had my birthday and I’m away for a few days next week and I admit I’ve used those events as excuses not to go back to group.

It’s Christmas, I’ll go back in January…

It’s my birthday, I’ll go back after that…

It’s the holiday, I’ll go back after that…

and so on and so forth. You get the idea.

I know I need to lose some weight, and I know how to go about it. I guess the (fat) bottom line is that I’m lazy.

I use being busy as an excuse, but I know I could be at the gym instead of writing this post. I pay a gym membership every month for nothing, and I probably spend more on food than I would if I were being ‘good’.
So there really isn’t any half decent reason for me not to lose weight. I’ve decided to join in with From Blogging to Jogging and Weight Loss Wednesday. Who needs to pay to go to group when you can shame yourself slim on the internet, right? Right?!

My starting figures are voluptuous but I’m hoping I won’t ever have to type these particular numbers ever again, so it’s all for the greater good. Or something.

WLW Week 1
Sim's Life


  1. I know exactly what you mean about there always been an excuse for something getting in the way of being good! That’s what I like about WW and SW, they are social diets – but you are totally allowed to eat and drink what they heck you want at an all inclusive resort – if you didn’t I would be totally disappointed and tell you to go back! Everyone has a different journey,doing completely different things, the groups are definitely keeping me inspired and hope they are for everyone else too 🙂

    Enjoy and look forward to reading about your progress when you get back!x

  2. Ahh, I am a member of Slimming World as it’s the only ‘structured’ plan I can follow while pregnant! I’m really not great at keeping myself motivated and, if I am honest, Weight Loss Wednesday keeps me on track mid-week too!

    Good luck with your journey.. and thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday. Hope to see you there again this week!

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