New! Clangers Magazine

If you’re of a certain age, as I am, you may remember a television program with some little pink creatures living on a round blue planet.


Well, The Clangers are back.

You can find them on Cbeebies every day at 6pm along with their old friends Soup Dragon and Iron Chicken, getting up to all sorts of fun. In  addition to being on screen, there is a new Clangers magazine being released for little fans on 27th April.

Clangers Magazine

Clangers Magazine is a place for children to discover. wonder, play and explore. There are lots of different activities, puzzles, reading opportunities and creative ideas for readers and their parents to enjoy. Rowan is 5 and we found that he could read the pages confidently, though even I was surprised when he didn’t pause at the word ‘asteroids’ – maybe I don’t give him enough credit!

The stickers in the magazine went down a treat too, though somehow they didn’t all end up in the magazine and my laptop appears to have had a makeover…

clangers 2

The issue we received is issue one which is out tomorrow and is a bumper issue priced at £2.99. The regular price of Clangers Magazine will be £2.85. There are two free gifts with the first issue – a Clangers whistle and a small figure – and the advert in the magazine shows that the next issue will also have a free gift too.

clangers 6

The magazine is reassuringly educational and links back to the early years curriculum, meaning the children enjoy the magazine and learn along the way without even realising it. The pages are brightly coloured, the content is engaging and age-appropriate and our review issue kept Rowan occupied for around an hour, with plenty more to read and do when he returned to it for a second time.

Clangers Magazine is available in newsagents nationwide from 27th April.


  1. Jenny @ thebrickcastle

    Crikey, that’s a blast from the past! I love the clangers 😀

  2. MissPond

    OH MY GOD! I LOVED the clangers as a kid, I had a back pack and everything. I will try and suggest them to my Brownies group! 🙂

  3. Notmyyearoff

    Z forever runs to the kids magazine bit in the shops and he’d love this particular one. Especially the recorder!!

  4. ghostwritermummy

    Mine are more than a little bit obsessed with the Clangers! Haha we got the magazine too and they love it x x


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