Educational Resource Review: Hape Flexistix Eiffel Tower

*Sent for review*

When I’m looking at activities for the boys to do, my first thought is often whether or not it’s educational. There no denying that Hape’s Flexistix meet that criteria so I was very pleased when they asked us to review the Eiffel Tower set.

Flexistix are made from bamboo, which is more eco friendly than plastic, making them better for the environment and harder to snap by accident. The kit contains 62 pieces altogether, made up of the bamboo sticks and the flexible rubber connectors.

Toys like the Hape Eiffel Tower encourage the development of an assortment of skills such as spatial awareness, coordination, and problem solving. Whilst this particular set is designed to make a model of the Eiffel Tower, it can be used to make anything your child can imagine.

Whilst we have made the Eiffel Tower model once, subsequent uses of the flexistix have been far more imaginative. Only today the two younger children had them out and used them to make all sorts of play things. We had flower sticks, wheeled vehicles for our makeshift ramps, and my youngest made a ‘hot rectangle’, which is a radiator to you and me. That same rectangle quickly became a TV screen – children have such wonderful imaginations.

I like the flexistix sets and don’t think they really need to be used to make a specific model if you just apply a bit of creativity.

The Hape Eiffel Tower Flexistix kit is available online at Amazon here (aff link).

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