Training with Harry Kane

As exciting as that would sound to my football-mad children, the unfortunate reality is that they are unlikely to ever have the opportunity to train with actual Harry Kane. Especially since he’s busy playing in the Euros at the moment.

What they can do, however, is practice their football skills using his new training resources. The England superstar has launched some great new toys for kids with a passion for football, and we were asked to give them a try.

We have the Harry Kane Skills Ball, and the Harry Kane Volley Blaster, both from Vivid Imaginations.

The boys were tasked with a keepy-uppy challenge… and I was really surprised at how hard they found it!

So how did the boys get on?

I think, to be honest, that the boys are too young for these toys. They tried to use them indoors as you can see in the video, and found it hard. We did take the toys outside too and tried again with football boots on, but the results were no better! The balls really are tiny and the boys found it so difficult that they soon lost interest.

I would probably recommend these as a gift for an older child, but at 5 and 8 I just don’t think my two had the level of co-ordination required.


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