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Bug Safari by Interplay

We’re on our second instalment of our Interplay adventure this month as we review their ‘Bug Safari’ kit. Endorsed by Nick Baker, the kit is part of their My Living World range. When this box arrived in the post I…
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Project 365: Week 10

Days 60 to 66 of 2015 looked like this for us …   Day Sixty Oh, what an evening we had on Sunday. The boys were playing upstairs and – although they are forbidden from jumping on the bed –…
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Review: Worm World by Interplay

The boys were really excited to receive Interplay’s Worm World to review last week. We received the kit first, and had to order and wait for the actual worms so it’s been a long few days for them. Every day…
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How to make rock bugs

Last week I took the boys down to a nearby country park after school. Due to the fact that I’m not at all organised they ended up getting muddy in their school uniforms but I’m pretty sure the recklessness of…
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