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Project 365: Week 7

I’m late to the Project 365 party again and haven’t linked up to The Boy and Me’s blog, but I’m determined to keep plodding on with this project anyway. Here are days 39 to 45 of 2015.   Day Thirty…
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#BEDA Day Seventeen: My Day

Today’s prompt is to give a timeline of my day. I won’t do today because it’s not a regular day. This is what a school day looks like for us … 7am: Alarm goes off 7.30am: Alarm goes off again…
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#BEDA Day Nine: My 15 Happy Things

Today’s prompt from Outmumbered’s Blog Every Day in August is to tell you of 15 things that make me happy. Aside from the obvious ones like family and friends, these fifteen things make me smiley! 1. Lists. I love making…
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Super Quick Guide: Low Fat Picnic Ideas

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a couple of months now and I’m just a couple of pounds away from having lost a stone. With the summer holidays coming up I am in the middle of planning an awesome…
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My Weekend of Freedom

The husband he has gone away To go walking (quite a lot) The boys and I had our big plan Of films and fizzy pop A weekend full of games and fun Had started off so well Their friend was…
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