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Brilliant Blogger: February 2015

This is the first installment of Brilliant Bloggers, so it was really difficult to choose ‘The One’. Which blogger’s work do I enjoy reading so much that they just had to be the first Brilliant Blogger? This blogger has been…
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#BEDA Day Two: 20 Facts About Me

Writing twenty facts about yourself is easy isn’t it? But why would anyone want to know the colour of my eyes, or my favourite colour? (Green, purple) Well actually, you might want to know stuff like that. So I’m aiming…
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#BEDA Day One: Introduction & Photo

This month I’m taking part in a challenge. #BEDA – Blog Every Day in August – is a series of daily blog prompts from Emma at Outmumbered and the challenge was presented to me by my mum! So, along with…
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