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Giveaway: Mother & Baby Pregnancy Milestones books

I’m almost 6 months into this pregnancy and although it’s my third, I’ve still forgotten lots of things about being pregnant! How big is my baby this week? When should I start to feel movements? When, oh when oh when…
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Pregnancy: The halfway mark

How can time pass so quickly yet so slowly? What feels like eons ago I wrote mt post Hello Baby on the day I discovered I was expecting baby number three, and now here I am at 22 weeks wondering where…
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Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my second baby I started suffering with pain in my pelvis, my hip and my back. Not too bad to start with but slowly getting worse as the weeks wore on. When I mentioned it…
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Hello Baby

I wrote this about an hour after I took the pregnancy test that confirmed our third pregnancy.  It’s a bit waffly but it’s exactly how I felt at that moment. We’re a bit further along now mind, and are currently…
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