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Under the Sea Stories: Book review

Under the Sea Stories by Stuart Lightman When we were little, our mum used to tell my sister and me made up stories at bedtime. I can’t actually remember what any of them were about but I remember that I…
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Daily planner for children

Lately, I’ve found that on a regular basis, Rowan is reluctant to move from one activity to another. He gets upset and quite angry sometimes when he’s asked to do something other than what he had planned, and that in…
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Our Schleich Dinosaur Adventures

Kids Dinosaur Dig

The boys love doing something fun after school so one day last week I decided to set up a ‘Dinosaur Dig’ ready for when they got home. Incidentally – I thought this activity was about archaeology,┬ábecause we’re digging stuff up….
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Project 365: Week 10

Days 60 to 66 of 2015 looked like this for us …   Day Sixty Oh, what an evening we had on Sunday. The boys were playing upstairs and – although they are forbidden from jumping on the bed –…
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The Penguin Lapbook Project

Rowan has been showing a keen interest in penguins lately so I thought something penguin-related at home would be fun for us to do together. My first port of call is always the Twinkl website because I know that if…
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The Police Museum and Pretend Play

There is a Police Museum in Manchester that only opens on a Tuesday. It only opens until 3pm on a Tuesday too, so there’s no visiting after school. This week we’re on half term, I have the boys (I don’t…
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