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Our backpacking adventure: backpacking kit

Do you know how difficult it is to pack the right stuff for a week or backpacking during a typical English summer with two small children and no car? Just imagine how tricky it must be. Now let me tell you…
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Formby Point

Which do you prefer, the forest or the beach? Well, it doesn’t actually matter when you visit Formby Point, as we discovered when we visited earlier in the year. As you leave your car in the car park and head into…
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Forest Holidays, Strathyre

When Ted and I got married seven years ago we borrowed his parents motorhome and headed north. We did a whistle stop tour of the Scottish coast and completely fell in love with a country bursting with breathtaking scenery and…
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Moel Hebog #checkoutthatview

This is Moel Hebog in Wales and it’s the first mountain climbed by our seven year old son Louis. Translated from Welsh, the name means ‘Hill of the Hawk’ or Hill of the Falcon’ – Wikipedia gives me both so…
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