My First Thomas Activity Plush

Once he got to around six months, I noticed a bit of a leap in E’s development. Part of that was a noticeable change in his awareness of his surroundings, and him becoming increasingly inquisitive. His favourite things in the world are chewing and mirrors, so when I gave him this Thomas activity toy he put poor Thomas’ face straight into his mouth before realising there was a mirror behind it and laughing at that for a good five minutes.

There are several different types of material on the toy offering a variety of textures for babies to explore. The teether attached to the Thomas Activity toy is a particular favourite of E’s as he is really gnawing on pretty much everything he can lay his chubby little hands on at the moment. There is a bell inside the body of the train too, which E loves to hear as we shake the toy.

Another lovely feature of the Thomas Activity plush are the sound effects! Activated by squeezing the funnel, the three sounds are Thomas’ voice saying a range of phrases, a chuffing train noise and a ‘peep peep’ spund too. The face itself makes a crinkle noise too which E loves.

I can see this becoming a favourite of E’s for months to come. As he gets older and moves on from chewing the teether he will begin to explore the textures and the noises, and I’m sure he will love Thomas purely for a cuddle too.

This Thomas Activity toy is made by Rainbow Designs and is available from Tesco with an RRP of £22.99. It’s durable and will last a long time I would imagine.


If your little person would love the Thomas Activity Plush as much as E, you can enter to win one! Simply complete the giveaway widget below.

Good luck!

Thomas Activity Plush


  1. We love Harold. My children like him because he is a helicopter, but anyone who drops in emergency rations of tea is a winner in my books 🙂

  2. The Fat controller, he always makes me laugh because when my son was little we took him on a steam train, the rather portly ticket inspector passed and he shouted out ”look Mummy the Fat Controller” I was very embarrassed but thankfully he just laughed ans stopped to speak to him. My son now has a son of his own who would love this present

  3. I have always liked Thomas, ever since I was a little boy with Thomas the Tank engine wallpaper.

  4. Gordon and Thomas. 🙂 Thanks for the chance. Not everyone likes Gordon for some reason.

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