Kinetic Sand Build – Crash ’em Cars

One day after school last week, the boys came home to find a box from Kinetic Sand Build on the kitchen table.

Crashems 1To their great delight, we had been sent Kinetic Sand Build Crash ’em Cars and they couldn’t wait to get stuck in! After just a few minutes reading the instructions we were all confident about what we were to do and so to their delight the game was pretty much open and go.

The contents include moulds to make car parts and cones, two chassis, a couple of ramps and two packs of kinetic sand. If you’ve never heard of kinetic sand it really is a substance like no other. Soft to the touch and easy to manipulate yet fully mouldable and strong enough to hold it’s shape you can make anything with it.

Crashems 2The cars were so easy to make and with the ready made built in track there was no need to get anything else out of the toy box because everything the boys needed to play was included. There are two track designs – one on either side of the board – and everything fold back up beautifully into the box after play. Now that’s my kind of storage!

The boys spent some time carefully building their vehicles after choosing which colour they would have as there are two packs of sand to choose from – red or blue. From engines to bodywork and cones to spoilers, they carefully packed and emptied each mould until they were proud of the finished product. All in all the process of building took around 15 minutes per car.

kinetic sand buildOnce the ‘hard work’ was done, it was time to get the cars on the track. With the ramps in place I figured it was only a matter of time before the boys’ cars smashed into one another and sand went everywhere, but actually I was wrong! They had taken such care over their cars that neither of them wanted to damage them! They played for around half an hour with the cars in perfect condition until someone’s spoiler fell off and the car had to go in for repair, so they both opted for a pit stop.

kinetic sand build

After dinner, the boys revisited their race track and played some more, eventually crashing their cars (carefully, so as not to mix the coloured sand!) and packing away. They both, aged 5 and 8, genuinely enjoyed playing and have since had the Crash ’em Cars out again twice.

The Kinetic Sand Build Crash ’em Cars set retails at around £14.99 and is available is good toy shops now. It’d make a great birthday present too.

To find out more about the Kinetic Sand range, take a look at Spin Master Toys UK on twitter.

*We were sent a set of Kinetic Sand Build Crash ’em Cars for review purposes. All views, photographs and opinions are my own*

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