Ultimate Christmas gift guide

There seem to be hundreds of people living in our house this Christmas. There are of course only five, but the house feels very full and I feel as though I’m buying gifts from a whole host of different categories this year.

I’ve broken this gift guide down into sections according to the people in our house. So we’re looking at babies and pre-school, age 5+ and age 5-10. Given that my eldest child is 9, I figured I’d leave the older kids stuff for this year.



11. BRIO Farm Tractor Set

For little people who love trains, you really can’t go wrong with BRIO. It’s so well made and lasts for years. We still have BRIO trains from when my eldest was an ankle-biter and it’s in great condition. I’ve taken a closer look at some of the BRIO range here.

2. Something to wearMoxomorra playsuit

I love Maxomorra, so I’ll definitely be including something from their range in amongst Eric’s first Christmas gifts this year. I really like this one with pirates on, though I noticed last night that there is a gorgeous reindeer one out now…

3. Leapfrog Scout’s Count & Colours Band

Eric is going to need lots of different learning toys throughout his first year, so I’ve bought ahead this year and chosen some things that he won’t use for a few months yet. Scout’s Count & Colours Band looks like a lot of fun and will help him with learning too. The older boys had a similar style toy as babies and it was a favourite for many years. Here’s hoping Scout will be too.

4. Something to read The World of Peter Rabbit Complete Collection

This isn’t something I’ve bought this year for Eric, but rather something I wholeheartedly recommend. I bought this for Louis when he was a baby and have read the entire collection to both of the older boys. Such lovely stories and something to keep for years to come.

5. Leapfrog Scout’s Goodnight Light

Eric is still in our room at the moment, but once he gets too big for his Snuzpod he’ll be moving out, and into his own room. I thought this night light was really sweet – it projects stars and patterns onto the wall or ceiling, plays soothing music and is suitable from 9-24 months.

5-8 years


11. Rocket Projector and Room Guard

The boys are at an age now where they’re into being spies, making dens and generally learning about being territorial. Rowan will love this 2 in 1 toy – blast off by day, protect at night!

2. X-Shot Bug Attack Bug Blaster Bow & Arrow

When we were at The Good Life Experience earlier in the year, and AppleJacks Adventure Farm, Rowan had a go at archery and loved it. We don’t have a lot of outdoor (or indoor!) space at home so I thought this would be a great alternative to an archery set. The sticky-footed bugs move down the wall, creating a moving target – lots more fun than a sitting target – like mum and dad!

3. Snuggle Sac

We love to make dens in the lounge and set up ‘camp’ with a couple of films and treats at the weekend. Rowan’s sleeping bag has seen better days now though so the Snuggle Sac will be a perfect replacement. Also great for sleepovers and camping too. It’s even padded underneath to make it extra snuggly.

4. Hairy Maclary Book Set

Since reading it at school, Rowan has been quite the Hairy Maclary fan. He even had me sew a costume for World Book Day last year! This is a little bag with 10 Hairy Maclary books inside – very sweet!

5. Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum

Rowan’s iPad Mini is my old one, so it’s had a few years’ worth of use and needs replacing. Rather than another adult tablet though, the LeapPad Platinum will be a better choice for us – the apps are more expensive than App Store or Google Play but I know they’re all safe and educational so it’s one less thing to worry about. Plus, it’s far sturdier than an iPad and that will do my nerves the world of good!

8 years and over



1. Microboats playset

Mum. Mum. Muuum. Look at this! Please can we have it? – Louis, every time he sees the Microboats advert.

To be fair, it’s pretty cool and I don’t think it’ll be a toy that’s only played with a handful of times. I can see these being used in the bath, in the paddling pool come summer, on holiday… anywhere there’s water!

2. Quest Adventure Books

I loved the choose your own adventure books as a child and I may have squealed a little bit when I ordered these and discovered them to be a similar style of book. I think that making the book into more of a game will be really appealing to Louis.

3. The Boot Light

Baby Eric’s impending arrival meant the older boys needed to start sharing a room. We didn’t want it to feel like one moving into the other one’s bedroom, so we stripped it right back to the plaster and gave them a brand new football bedroom – something they both love very much. What it does lack though is some soft lighting for reading at night, so this colour changing boot shaped lamp will do nicely. It can glow either soft white or can change colour, and I think it’ll be a hit with their friends too!

4. Vex Robotics Single Gear Racer

Now that Louis is older, he has more patience for projects and buildable toys. He also loves cars, so this is a bit of a winner on all fronts. I’m hoping it’s not too difficult for him – or for me! While he’s building, he’ll be learning too – but keep that between you and me?

5. X-Shot Bug Attack Eliminator

Rowan has the X-Shot Bug Attack Bow & Arrow set, so Louis has the Eliminator! I can see some great target practice going on over the Christmas holidays – as long as they remember not to throw the bugs at Nanna’s freshly painted walls!

And for the adults


This is what’s on my shopping list for my husband…

1. Superdry coat

He already has one of these but it’s seen better days, so I’ll replace his coat for Christmas. He really likes his Superdry stuff, so I think it’s best to stick to what we know in Ted’s case!

2. Adidas T-shirt

Ted coaches kids’ football, plays football and walks – a lot, so spends a lot of time in sportswear. These kinds of tops are perfect for him; not formal but not scruffy either. It actually looks pretty smart on Ted, and suitable either for training or just every day wear. I know I can’t really go wrong with Adidas either – it’s always been a favourite brand for both Ted and the boys.

3. Adidas trainers

As above, Ted likes to dress casual. He doesn’t feel comfortable in anything much more formal than trainers, but these are a great casual-but-presentable combo. Our middle son has them in grey too, so he thinks it’s great that Daddy’s are the same!

4. Man Drawer Gift Set

When you travel a lot with work, you need toiletries suitable for chucking into an overnight bag. This Man Stuff gift set is perfect for travel, and looks pretty impressive as a gift, too.


Finally, just a few little things that I’d like for Christmas. Or, that I’ve already bought myself for Christmas!

1. WordPress for Dummies

Actually, my sister bought me this some time ago but I really recommend it for bloggers. I’ve only read a fraction of it during panicked moments of ‘can I fix that?’ and found it really useful.

2. Photography Kit

I really want a white backdrop for photographs now I’ve found a love of kids’ clothing, and a green screen because they’re fun. The one I’ve seen is really reasonably priced on eBay so I’m hoping I’ll get this. *Sets reminder to direct husband to this blog post*.

3. Regatta Coat

Confession: I am already wearing this. I needed a new coat that wasn’t a complete fashion disaster but would keep me dry and warm. Et voila! The Regatta Brodiaea is perfect for me. Read my full review here.

4. Structured Backpack

I don’t have a changing bag per se, I just use a backpack. But this one from Joy the Store is actually big enough for all the baby stuff and really lovely too. Shiny, pretty and practical – what’s not to love? I am a bit scared of ruining it though!

What’s on your family’s Christmas list this year?

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