Our 2018 travel plans: Scottish road trip

When my husband and I got married, we were fortunate enough to have two honeymoons. The first was a road trip around the Scottish coast and it was just perfect. We’ve been married ten years this year so it was a fair while ago now and I remember very little. Worse, I can’t seem to find a single photograph.

Surely that’s all the more reason though to repeat the trip though! We already have a two week holiday, two festivals, hen parties, weddings and christenings booked in at various points throughout the year, so we would really have to wedge another proper holiday in if we were going to do it this year. The beauty of having use of a motorhome though is that we can undertake a trip like this later in the year.

The route

I had been so preoccupied with planning our Disney holiday last year that I hadn’t really sat down and thought about where we might go on our Scottish road trip. Now though I need to get my thinking cap on since I’m hoping we can go before the end of summer. I know that no matter our route it will involve some truly breathtaking scenery and a lot of walking!

There is a route called North Coast 500 which is 500 miles of the North Highlands – I think that would be a fantastic starting point when planning our route. I’m hoping we’ll be taking the motorhome but I do so want to stay in a real castle at some point during our stay if at all possible. I love to sleep in unusual places, like the time we spent a weekend in a traditional Gypsy caravan!

When we went on our honeymoon it was just the two of us and our ten month old first born. Since there are now five of us, this trip will be more inclusive when planning. Shorter travel times, comfortable beds and family activities will be our basis. That just adds to the challenge of the adventure though. I love to take the most scenic route where possible, to take in the surroundings and relish in the freedom you feel on the open road. Ambling around the Scottish countryside certainly beats speeding up and down motorways, suffering whiplash when someone crashes into you because they’re not paying attention. (Definitely not still bitter about that… honest!)

I think we’ll try to visit at least one of the islands. Skye is apparently very beautiful but I can’t imagine that any of them are anything less than breathtaking. I’d like to get over to Inverness because I don’t think I’ve ever been there, despite having been further North than the city more than once. The trouble is that it’s impossible to fit everything into a trip! I guess that’s also a blessing though since it means the perfect excuse to plan the next.

Do you have any recommendations of where to stay and what to see in Scotland? Let me know in the comments or over on social media.

Scottish Road Trip

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