Our 2018 UK City Tour Wishlist

We’ll have been on two family holidays abroad this year and so next year we’ll probably holiday here in the UK. We love this country and all it has to offer holiday makers. Granted, the weather could be better but you can’t have everything!

I’m hoping for a road trip in Scotland and maybe a week or so in Cornwall as family holidays but in between those the boys and I are hoping to take some educational city breaks around the country.

My wishlist is pretty well spread around the UK I think, starting with Edinburgh.


There is so much to see and do in Scotland’s capital city. The Old Town, the New Town and the Nasmyth in-between offer a seemingly endless amount of things to see and do. Edinburgh’s 101 Objects is a great way to guide yourself around the city as you try to spot as many items on the list as you can. In addition, there is a castle, a cathedral, National Museum, Arthur’s Seat… you could spend weeks sightseeing here in this beautiful city and still not fit everything in!

Edinburgh’s beautiful castle


Is there anything you can’t do in London? From catching a West End show to getting up close and personal with Hope the Blue Whale there is plenty to see.  I’ve always loved the hustle and bustle of the city, the Underground and the London Buses. I’m always glad to come home to a more peaceful life though!


This one is actually my husband’s recommendation, and I was a bit sceptical at first. Having looked into what’s on offer in Colchester though I think we might quite like it there. Colchester Zoo is one of the city’s main attractions but there are museums, open gardens and theatres too. Certainly plenty to keep us very busy on a city break. For lots of places now you can download a Treasure Trails map which is a great way to get to know somewhere new. We haven’t ever tried one, but I hear they’re really good fun and the Colchester one I found was only £6.99 so they seem to be value for money too.


York is a city everyone seems to like. Steeped in history, great for a girls’ weekend away and popular for hen and stag parties, York has something for everyone. Our choice of activities there would probably include the bus tour because I think they’re great for fitting a lot into a short space of time. The highlight of our visit though would be York Minster – a wonderfully magnificent cathedral and a really beautiful sight.


Finally, I chose Bath as the last city on my 2018 City wishlist. I haven’t ever been to this city and I would just love to see the Roman Baths there. Of course, there are many other attractions in Bath but I’d just really like to be transported back in time and be able to learn all about how they operated one of the finest religious spas of the ancient world.

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  1. We’ve done a few treasure trails maps around the Cotswolds/Oxford/Staffordshire areas. Great value for money. Makes you see all the main parts of an area whilst making it interesting & fun. Some of them will be educational as well for the boys

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