3 Asian Cities Where You Could Probably Retire

If you already have a feeling that you might one day retire out somewhere exotic, then it is likely that you are already starting to think about it. The truth is that there are so many possible destinations to choose from when it comes to thinking about this, that you might well be a little confused. Although there might be many other places in the world you are considering, for a lot of people Asia does have a certain appeal, and there are so many Asian destinations where you might be thinking of going to along the way. In this article, we are going to take a look at a number of great Asian cities which you might want to think about visiting – and possibly, one day, even setting up camp there to retire. Let’s take a look at what they might be, and what is just so good about them too.


If you have ever been to Bangkok, you will know that it is marked by a distinct friendliness from the local people as well as a generally quite Western vibe. Although there might be other cities in Asia which might appear to be more genuine, or less spoiled by tourism, the truth is that this is an easy city to visit and get around for a Westerner, and that makes it a likely great spot to move to one day as well. What’s more, it does have some of the cheapest accommodation anywhere in Asia, and therefore the world, and yet you are not going to be living somewhere
truly ramshackle, as many parts of the Thai capital are actually very well developed and modernized.

Of course, if you are going to consider Bangkok you will need to make sure that you feel at
home in the culture, so it is a good idea to visit a few times and see if you seem to fit in. Most people will find they do, in part because it is just such a friendly place and famously welcoming. But there is a far cry from that to actually living there, so be sure to think ahead and try to discover whether you could actually live there long term. If you think you could, you will be pleased with the low cost of living, the amazing social life you are likely to have, and of course that beautiful Thai food, which comes cheap on the streets for even the best of it. Although not for everyone, Bangkok is definitely worth considering, and for some people it could end up being
their best choice for where to move to or even retire one day.


South of Thailand, this sprawling city-state is one of the most visited cities in the world, and it’s not hard to see why that might be. It is stunning, modern, and you might be excused for thinking that you are in North America or Europe when you are there. However, don’t let that fool you
into thinking that it is not truly, genuinely Asian – for it absolutely is, and it still holds plenty in the way of its genuine cultural history and fascinating people to work and live alongside. Something that will probably be particularly attractive for most people is that Singapore is a great place for easily finding a place to live and even a little work if you feel that you want to keep busy. As for
somewhere to live, you can easily find an apartment for sale Singapore, and you might even be pleasantly surprised at the modernity and spaciousness of the living space. The transport is truly modern and cheap too, and getting around the city is easy.

What’s more, if you feel like stepping out and seeing the outskirts of the city at any time, you will find a countryside which is inherently beautiful and sparsely populated, making it pretty much an idyllic getaway spot. It’s true that many tourists come here every year, but in fact you won’t feel that that is the case if you live there, especially as you can step out to the country whenever you want, even during the low seasons. It’s well worth thinking about Singapore if you want to live in Asia, as there are few places that do such a good job of offering a little of everything that you might want to have in your life.



If you have always lived your life in the city, then you are probably keen to keep it that way, especially if that is where you are truly most comfortable. For that reason, it might be worth thinking about the Japanese capital of Tokyo. This is always argued to be the busiest city in the world, and it absolutely seems that way in the central promenades and alleyways. However, as busy as it may be, it is also an extremely welcoming place which you can easily spend a lot of time in, and for some city-dwellers it might be the ideal location to settle down in and rtire. If you are to do this, you do of course want to make sure that you are genuinely interested in the Japanese culture as much as is possible, as it will be all around you, and not necessarily in a subtle way. But as long as that is something you can get on board with, you will find this city to be surprisingly welcoming and diverse, and a truly amazing place to spend your life. It’s also one of the technological hubs of the world, so it’s a perfect destination for any geeks out there who want to get a job in that sector.
Wherever you end up, and however long for, it’s always good to know that there are a huge number of places you can consider to live in. Asia itself offers plenty, and they are always there to explore and discover at your leisure. The above three cities are particularly popular, but there
are many more besides as well.

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