A day in San Sebastián

During our latest trip to Spain, w drove an hour or so from where we were staying in Pamplona to spend some time in San Sebastián. We’d really only gone there because it came up on Google as the nearest beach, so we had no real expectations.

The weather forecast was a bit disappointing so none of us had high hopes really, but it was something to do and it seemed as good a day as any to go before we went home.

I liked San Sebastián before we’d even parked the car. Fountains on roundabouts is always a good sign, don’t you think?

We found an underground car park and discovered we had accidentally chosen the one nearest to the beach, so that was a fabulous start. As we stepped out of the lift we found ourselves right in the centre of San Sebastián, looking straight out to sea.

The bigger boys wanted to go straight onto the beach but Squidge was ready for a nap, so off they went with their dad while I went shopping with Squidge in the hope that walking with the pram would send him off to sleep.

There are so many shops full of beautiful clothing in San Sebastián. I spotted one particular dress that I adored, but it cost more than I was willing to pay for one item for myself. It’s literally a cocktail dress – see?!

Once we’d had a mosey around the shops and stopped for coffee and cake, Squidge and I made our way back to the beach front to rejoin the rest of our little family.

The beach was busy but not crowded and the boys had fabulous fun running back and forth to the sea.

All that fun on the sand and in the sea made for some very hungry boys, so we cleaned ourselves up and wandered along the front in search of something to eat.

The walk was incredibly pretty and we discovered another beach just around the corner too, with another beautiful view.

Whilst the beaches are wonderful, San Sebastián has plenty more to offer besides. One such thing was the stunning Basilica of Saint Mary of the Chorus, a Roman Catholic church consecrated in 1897. It is an example of exquisite workmanship and a truly magnificent place to visit, regardless of your religious affiliation.

San Sebastián is somewhere I would recommend to anyone looking for a holiday destination which has everything you could want or need. It is the perfect mix of old and new, traditional and modern, quaint and commercial. I’d love to return and stay longer another time, but for now I just have my photographs and the memories of a perfect family day out.

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