Our backpacking adventure: Charmouth Beach

On our second day of backpacking as a family along the Jurassic Coast we arrived at Cummins Farm Campsite just outside Lyme Regis. Our plan was to stay here for one night and move on, but we decided in the end to take a full day to explore the area and stay for two nights. The previous day had been a very long one for us all and we were keen not to overwhelm the boys or wear them out.

We tried to include the boys in every aspect of the trip, including the bits they were initially reluctant about like putting up the tent! By the end of the week though they had their own roles set when it came to pitching and taking down the tent each day and we really were working as a team of four.

backpacking with kids

Our tent was a really cheap one from Tesco. We have a great little pop-up tent as well as our large family tent but it wasn’t really suitable for backpacking due to the flat, circular shape of it when it’s put away, so I bought this one and hoped with all my might that it’d serve it’s purpose. Fortunately for us all, it did!

Once we’d pitched up we settled down for a few games of cards, Top Trumps and an early night. Nobody wants to party when they’re lugging all their worldly goods around with them all day, believe me!

smashing rocks


Charmouth was about ten minutes’ walk from our campsite and it did actually only take us ten minutes too given that we weren’t carrying our backpacks! Surprisingly it wasn’t all that busy, which was great for us since the boys had plenty of room to explore.

The day we visited Charmouth was also Rowan’s 5th birthday. It amazes me now when I look back and realise how I proud I am of the boys for carrying all that they did, walking all those miles and generally going along with our crazy idea without so much as a mutter or complaint.

And so Rowan, the boy who loves to break stuff, spent the majority of his birthday throwing rocks against other rocks and trying to break them open. I’d say he probably quite enjoyed his day!

Sadly, we didn’t find any fossils within our broken rocks but there’s is a handy little fossil shop just up the road from the beach which meant we didn’t come away empty handed. Both the boys brought home small souvenirs and were more than happy with their day.
Rowan pebbled beach

I’d really recommend visiting Charmouth if you’re around that area. Not just for the fossil hunting but because it’s a really pretty place in general. I wish I’d taken more photos but we were very busy you know!

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  1. We keep meaning to go camping a bit more, this looks so much fun! Fossil hunting sounds ace. Even though my girls are older, I reckon we’d still be able to persuade them 🙂


  2. Sounds like you embarked on quite an adventure and well done to the boys for their walking, carrying and helping, it sounds like camping adventures like this are going to become a big part of your family time out. A great way to enjoy the countryside and happy birthday to your 5 year old. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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