Cei Bach

I don’t know exactly why I was so taken with the little beach that is Cei Bach. Perhaps it was because the place was near deserted. Maybe it was that we somehow managed to get the only 30 minutes of sunshine on that day while we were there. It could even have been that hard-to-please Rowan ran up to me, threw his arms around me and said ‘I knew this was going to be fun!’.

Cei Bach View

Whatever the reason, our short but sweet time at Cei Bach was something of a highlight during our Welsh adventure this Easter.

From the New Quay – West Wales website:

Cei Bach

Cei Bach (Little Bay) is just to the north of Traethgwyn at New Quay and separated by that beach by the rocky promontory of Llanina point. In the last century, there was a church on the point that was washed away by the sea. Cei Bach was important for ship building in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and there were several lime kilns above the beach. Sadly, because the majority of the cliffs are made up of glacial deposits of boulder clay, there has been considerable erosion and the remains of the lime kilns have now been lost to the sea.

Cei Bach is an entirely pet friendly beach.

It certainly was pet friendly, demonstrated here by Betsy who was in her element, chasing pebbles into the sea…

Phone Dump 040416 3426

With a good mix of sand and pebble, the beach is great for taking a walk or playing in the sand so whatever the weather, you’ll have something to do as long as you’re dressed appropriately.

We found that the sand was also great for writing names and creating our own adventure assault course.

sand names

pebble jump

Great memories don’t always take months or meticulous planning and lots of money. Much of the time they’re made by impromptu events, unexpected good turns in the weather and having special people around you.

What great childhood memories do you have?

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