Our day trip to Bakewell

I say Bakewell, you say…


Well, that’s what prompted us to jump into the new Toyota C-HR on a test drive and head to the beautiful Peak District.

Just over an hour away from us, Bakewell is somewhere we’ve only been once before, and that was when it was just the two of us. It seemed as good a place as any to go on a random day trip! We all piled into the car and away we went.

The snow that had so rapidly disappeared back at home was lingering on the Pennines, and the day was lovely and fresh. The sun wasn’t too low, as is often the case in winter, and everyone was in a great mood. Not surprising really since we had a lovely new car to play out in!

We arrived in Bakewell, parked up and looked for somewhere to eat! It was gone lunch time and the only person who had been fed since breakfast was the baby. Parking in the town centre is fairly easy and readily available, and not expensive either.

We found The Proper Pasty Co. and filled up on vegetarian sausage rolls, chicken pasty, hot soup and drinks. Refuelled, we set off for a wander around the quaint little town.

Time for lunch

Part way through our day, I suspected that my husband had actually had a hidden agenda all along, as there is a brilliant outdoor shop in Bakewell which he had been itching to visit since he’d heard of it opening. If you’re an outdoor or bushcraft enthusiast, you need to visit World of Bushcraft Retail Centre. Whatever you need – they will sort it. Ted has done a weekend bushcraft survival course with them before now and that turned him into a lifelong fan – the only trouble is that he wants to go on more and that leaves me with the kids on my own…

We walked a bit further along and came to a beautiful church. I love the image of the spire against the perfectly clear sky here. We didn’t go in, but instead decided to go and buy a Bakewell tart (rude not to) and take the scenic route back home.

Now usually I wouldn’t have taken a random photo of a shop we bought a little pie from, but firstly – it’s so cute!

Secondly, the lady in the Bakewell Deli was the most pleasant, friendly and helpful person I’ve encountered for a while. She spoke to each of the children, genuinely interested in what they were doing in Bakewell and what they thought. Then she gave us tips on where to go with them and what to see. She wasn’t familiar with the World of Bushcraft Centre though so I’m not sure she was the outdoorsy type!

We bought our tart and also a Bakewell Pudding (which I had never heard of, never mind tried) and headed back to the car as, despite the glorious winter sun in the morning, it started to drizzle.

On our way home, we stopped to take a look at the view out over Monsal Head. What a lovely sight, and a great walk too on a better day I think. After a quick stop for photos we headed home, keen to try to Bakewell Pudding!

The Toyota C-HR

Home, tired and hungry we had sandwiches and Bakewell tart for supper and left the pudding for the following day.

Unfortunately, the dog had other ideas… and ate it.

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